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Spin Air - Air Sampler

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Microbial air contamination monitoring is a key process in facilities with special air cleanliness needs. Spin Air samplers grant users a compact, portable, simple solution to air sampling. Accuracy and precision-enhancing Spin technology enables Spin Air samplers to outperform the accuracy of other air sampling systems.

Pharmaceutical, medical device, food, and cosmetic manufacturers, as well as healthcare facilities all benefit from the use of Spin Air samplers to assess airborne bacterial and fungal bioburden.

IUL’s air samplers are very compact and devised for easy transportation to enable sampling to take place anywhere needed. Operating these is very simple, a Petri dish is inserted and the device’s lid is screwed in place. Next, accurate volumes of air are sampled by forcing them towards the Petri plate’s agar surface. After incubation, colony enumeration enables to evaluate microbial air quality.


Unrivalled Spin technology: IUL’s Spin technology enhances air sampling accuracy, precision and resolution even when sampling in mid / highly contaminated environments (particularly useful for GMP Grade C and D cleanrooms and regular environment sampling).

This sampling technology uses 100% of the Petri plate agar surface to plate microorganisms (only 5% is used in other air samplers), this improves data statistical significance greatly.

Sampling ease: These air samplers are compact and portable, they can be attached to a tripod for adequate sampling direction. If airflow problems arise, these are pointed out by a noisy alarm and sampling is aborted. A handy countdown function avoids operator interference with results.

Regulatory compliance: Spin Air sampler complie with USP 797 & 1116 regulations. DQ, IQ and OQ documentation will be supplied with the device.

Full traceability: LIMS friendly data records, printer connectivity, and barcode reader compatibility all enable full sampling traceability.



Spin technology for precision, accuracy and resolution enhancement.
Full sampling traceability.
LIMS connectivity.
Use a barcode reader for quick sample and operator identification.
Allows for duplicate sampling when connected to a Slave unit.


Spin, technology for precision, accuracy and resolution enhancement.
All the advantages of the Spin Air main unit to which it must be connected to operate.


Spin, technology for precision, accuracy and resolution enhancement.
Very affordable cost.


Regular static Andersen air sampler.
Extremely friendly to low budgets.


Air flow: 100 l/m (90mm plate)  - 60 l/m (Rodac plate). - Controlled by microprocessor.
Air Total Volume: 10-9900 l
Delay to Start: 60 minutes, divided in seconds.
Rotation Speed: 0,1,2,3 and 4 rpm.
Tripod thread: At the bottom.
Communication: RS232C to PC/Printer.
Format Communication: XML, CSV.
Bar-code connection: With IUL bar-code device.
Switching adapter: 100-240V AC 50/60 Hz 12V CC 15W
Battery Pack: Ni metal Hydride 7,2V
Range: 8 hours full charge (without Slave) - decreasing with aging.
Weight: 1.7Kg Spin Air - 1.3Kg Spin Air Slave - 2.2Kg Carrying case



Cat. No.

Set for 90mm Petri dishes (holder and cover) 90005504
Set for 60mm Rodac plates (holder and cover) 90005505
Cable for PC/Printer communication 90005510
Tripod 90005511
Bar-code reader 90005700



Spin Air Spin Air Slave Spin Air Basic

Basic Air

Air Volume ( 10 - 9900 L )
Air Flow (100 l/m - 60 l/m )
Use with 60 and 90 mm plates
Wireless Operation (Inbuilt batery)
Transformer (100-240VAC To 12VDC)
Battery Pack (Ni Metal Hydride 7.2V )
Battery Range (8 hour of operation)
Precision Microcontroller Processor
Rotation Speed (0, 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 RPM) No rotation
Protective Briefcase × ×
RS 232 connection ( PC / Printer, XML , CSV) (*) × ×
Incorrect Airflow Alarm - Abort Function × ×
LIMS connectivity (*) × ×
Bar Code Connection (IUL Bar Code Device) (*) × ×
Simultaneous Sampling (Connectivity to 2nd unit) (*) × ×
Supplied with 90mm plate holder and cover Aluminum Aluminum Aluminun Plastic
Weight 1.7Kg 1.3Kg 1.35Kg 1Kg

(*) Through master unit
Specifications subject to change without notice



SPIN AIR - air sampler for 90mm Petri dishes with carrying case and switching adapter.
Cat.No. 90005500

SPIN AIR SLAVE - air sampler for 90mm Petri dishes with carrying case and connection cable (needs compulsory a Spin Air main unit).
Cat.No. 90005502


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