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DOT - Colony Counter

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Counting colonies with the unaided eye is a slow, tedious, and sight-damaging task. IUL’s colony counter eases and quickens this process through the use of LED lighting and a high quality magnifying glass. Any microbiology lab involved in colony enumeration will find this tool to be absolutely vital. Petri plates are inserted inside the colony counter where they are properly lit and magnified. Operators can tick detected colonies with a specifically devised marker, meanwhile a digital display will increase the total counts. Pointers that can directly contact colonies are also available.


High Quality Magnification: IUL’s DOT Colony Counter has a large 200 mm diameter lens with a DINx2 magnification power.

Pointer Technology: Colonies are counted by directly touching these with a pointer or by marking them on the Petri dish with a felt tip pen.

Adapted for any plate: Multiple adapters are available 60 mm, 70 mm, 80 mm, 90 mm,100 mm, 120 mm, and 150 mm.

Send colony counts to PC applications through USB: Colony counts can be sent to PC applications such as a spreadsheet. Results are sent as standard PC keyboard keystrokes.

Lightning scalable intensities: Bottom light, 4 selectable intensities, On/Off switching powered from the instrument. Upper light (depending of the glass magnifier ordered), On/Off switching powered from the instrument.




Counter: 4 digits, 9 mm LED-Display. Maximum count 9999

Inputs: Clickable permanent marker/ Stainless contact pointer (optional).

Outputs: USB Human Interface Device (HID) emulating standard PC keyboard output receivable by PC running keyboard compatible applications (Microsoft Windows ®).
USB Virtual COM port (VCP) reserved for IUL, S.A. Technical Service purposes.
Upper light power (12V DC, 500mA).

Magnifying glasses: Biconvex, 100/120 mm Ø, 4 Diopters, DIN x 2

Lightning: Bottom light, 4 selectable intensities, On/Off switching powered from the instrument.
Upper light (depending of the glass magnifier ordered), On/Off switching powered from the instrument.

Mains: 100/240 V, 50/60 Hz

Power: 50W

Dimensions (WxDxH):
211x320x335 mm / 8.3x12.6x13.2 in (Cat. No. 90008700)
211x320x395 mm / 8.3x12.6x15.5 in (Cat. No. 90008701)

3,2 Kg / 7,0 lb  (Cat. No. 90008700)
2,7 Kg / 5,95 lb (Cat. No. 90008701)



Cat. No.

60 mm centering device 9000606
80 mm centering device 9000608
100 mm centering device 9000610
120 mm centering device 9000612
150 mm centering device 9000615
Mixed grid 1/16 cm2 9000613
Mixed reticule 1/9 cm2 9000616
Spiral grid 9000625
Clickable permanent marker 900011459
Stainless contact pointer 900011460


DOT Colony Counter with 120mm Magnifying Glass with Light.
Cat. No. 90008700

DOT Colony Counter DOT System with 100mm Magnifying Glass
Cat.No. 90008701



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SphereFlash® - Automatic Colony Counter


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Specifications subject to change without previous notice.

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